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SafeBeat Rx CTO and President, Dr. Kunj Patel, presents at DeviceTalks Boston 2023

Medtech Innovator recently held their DeviceTalks Boston 2023 conference, an annual speaker-oriented showcase focused on exposing next-generation innovation in the medical device industry. DeviceTalks

SafeBeat Rx UCSF Clinical Trial begins Enrollment

In March, we began our UCSF clinical trial, which focuses on obtaining real user feedback on our application and reviewing algorithm results against the UCSF providers. The SafeBeat application aims

Vinko Buble has joined as Head of Backend Engineering

We are thrilled to welcome Vinko Buble to SafeBeat Rx as our new Head of Backend Engineering!  Vinko has had over two decades of experience as a Full Stack Software Engineer, Architect, and

SafeBeat Rx CEO, Dr. Rachita Navara, presents at annual Heart Rhythm Society Conference

In a remarkable milestone for SafeBeat, Dr. Rachita Navara, the esteemed co-founder of SafeBeat, presented at the Heart Rhythm Society’s annual conference, the largest arrhythmia conference in

SafeBeat Rx

MedTech Innovator, the world’s largest accelerator of medical technology companies, today announced the 50 companies selected to participate in the organization’s flagship four-month Accelerator

SafeBeat Rx CEO, Dr. Rachita Navara, recognized for AI Leadership & Entrepreneurship Awards by VentureBeat

Since 2019, VentureBeat has been honoring the women leaders, mentors, researchers and entrepreneurs who are transforming the AI industry